Access Space: ICT Recycling

At Access Space we can help you repair your computer or build one from scratch, see Fix IT Friday for more details.
If you are sure you'd like to get rid of one, we can make good use of it in the space or help someone to rebuild it and use it at home. Donations are always welcome! Read on for more details…

Reusing Your Old Computer

Home Computers
If the computer belongs to you (not to a business), and it works, or could work with a few repairs, we'll be delighted to help. If you bring your old computer to us, we'll do our best to reuse it with new, free software. We will wipe the hard-drive as part of our testing procedure so no data will remain. Contact us.

Work Computers
If you are wondering on behalf of your workplace, we can help you through Lowtech Ltd (which is the organisation that set up Access Space), or another PC recycler. They deal with whole offices full of PCs, and they can come and collect. contact Lowtech LTD or ask through the Access Space contact details.

Completely Wrecked Computers
If you are sure that your computer is really, truly beyond repair (eg: it's been in a fire, it's been dropped from the fifth story) then we probably can't use it. We add value by reusing, so if there's no realistic prospect of our repairing it, then please take it to your local recycling site.

Re-Use & Recycling

Technically, Access Space is a re-user, not a recycler.

Recycling means breaking up your old machine, disposing of the nasty chemicals, and melting down the useful materials to make new stuff.

Re-use means analysing your old machine, repairing or upgrading it if necessary, and reinstalling it with new software. It may mean using parts from your old machine to repair another one.

Re-use is actually much greener than recycling, and it has other benefits, too. It's a skilled job, so local people gain high-level skills which could be useful in other industries. Recycling, on the other hand, tends to be a lower skill job. At their worst, recycling jobs are simply about transporting, sorting and bashing.

Stacks! When we get too much to reuse we recycle it! On the heap


We do make use of printers, we may turn it in to a robot or a 3D printer, or just use it as a printer…


Flat screen monitors are accepted very gratefully and free of charge.

The Disks!

Dont worry, we won't use your Operating System or any of your software - not even device drivers. We only use free, open source software, which comes with its own operating system and device drivers. So whether or not you bring us that old software just doesn't matter. Read more about free software here.

Other Bits and Pieces

Yes please! Cameras can be used for animation workshops, joysticks for robots. Any computer peripheral maybe of use so feel free to bring them to us as well. There is only one limit - we do have to make a small charge for any item that is counted as hazardous waste. (The item in this category that we come across most is battery packs in Un-interruptible Power Supplies.)

Where & When?

Checkout the Maps etc.


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