Scott Hawkins' Refab Space Residency starts today 12th Feb

Scott's residency is called F L I G H T F O R M. He will make a short presentation about his interest in boomerangs this Friday 15th Feb at 3pm. This will be an opportunity to see some of his current boomerang designs and learn a little of the basics of spinning flight.

Check out his website

For his residency he will be researching the production of boomerangs and other products in Refab Space. These will include auto-rotating gyroscopic sailplanes and gliders. The designs, ideas and experience are derived and developed from Scott’s own small commercial enterprise and current experience as a boomerang designer maker.

Scott is also interested in philosophical objects and the exploration and understanding of three-dimensional form beyond or aside from the traditional perspectives of art and design

There will be an exhibition in Access Space foyer from March 8th.


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