Artists in Residence Spring 2011

In residence throughout January will be sound artist Will Scrimshaw.

His project, Spectral Influence, aims to explore the way in which the noises and lighting of the city we occupy influences our movements and emotional relations with urban space and the others we share this space with, Look out for ways to participate, workshops and other activities nearer the time.

In March and April we will be hosting Xnames's residency project, Noise_Objects in Public Space. Xname (Eleonora Oreggia) describes Noise_Objects as a series of sculptures made of recycled material, simple electronic components and micro circuits (using chip CMOS 4093, among others) which intertwine the hacker's philosophy - diy and intolerance towards closed systems - with the disruptive conceptual provocation of an art piece.

Look out for workshops and other activities in April.


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