Access Space, 31st March 2011

Here's Access Space on the afternoon of 31st March 2011. You can see just how busy and diverse the project is - including people from all sorts of backgrounds and circumstances. We believe that bringing together people with different life experiences enriches our peer learning network and makes for a more fertile creative community.

There are two planned activities going on - in the background participants are designing electronic “Noise Objects” in a workshop run by Italian artist Eleonora Oreggia (aka “Xname”). In the foreground participants are embroidering the “Concise Lexicon of/for the Digital Commons” by the Raqs Media Collective. On the walls is one part of a participatory exhibition project “Operational Art” by James Wallbank, and around the sides participants are working on their own creative and technical projects.

On a “creativity per square metre” basis, we reckon that this was probably the most creative space in Britain at the time!


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