Thanks for visiting. This is our old website. Please update your bookmark to the new website at

RECYCLING:Please note that our computer recycling operation has changed. Due to the diminishing demand for desktop computers we now only recycle laptops which we use in our charitable activities. Please ring us on 0114 249 5522 or email should you wish to donate laptops as we are not open every day. Thanks : ) If you need to recycle old desktop computers, keyboard, mice, screens etc, please contact Aspire Community Enterprise on 0114 285 3788

At Access Space, people interested in art, design, computers, recycling, music, electronics, photography and meet more like-minded people, share and develop skills and work on creative, enterprising and technical projects.

We operate at a very low cost with a minimal carbon footprint, because we recycle donated computers and use free, open source software. We run drop-in activities and workshops, exhibitions and arts events and have opportunities for volunteering. We also run the Refab Space fabrication facility and an ethical web design service.

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New Access Space Website Goes Live

We flicked the switch on our new website on 6th November. While it's not totally complete and we have a number of improvements in mind, we felt we've made enough progress for the world to see. If you spot glitches please email us with feedback and help us to improve it!

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that we're temporarily at, redirected from our usual home at There are a bunch of back-room functions which we need to wrangle before we can safely change our URL back to When that happens you'll know we've completed the job.

Recycle Day Success

Thursday 13th of May 2010 was a great day for the space, we are now feeling organised in preparation for fablab activity, and have plenty of bits recovered for upcoming physical computing and electronics projects.

Huge thanks to the following who all turned up to help:-

  • Andy Downing
  • Darrell Young
  • Fiona Nicholson
  • Joe Donally
  • John Keenan
  • John Moseley
  • Joshua Fowles
  • Mike Howe
  • Rachael Middleton
  • Saif Ghareeb
  • Theo Parmakis
  • And the staff….

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